Science-based physical and cognitive training solutions, using adaptive VR and AR technologies, with empirically proven results.

Augmented Reality Serious Games


The main objective is the user to collect each musical note

Lower limb motor coordination exercises (collect musical notes)

Arm extension (catch the stars - optional )


The main goal is to paddle on the river and collect as many barrels as possible while avoiding rocks

Upper limbs exercise (circular arm movements simulating rowing gestures to move the boat forward)

Balance / side gait / lateral rotation of the trunk - Adaptive interaction mechanics, for the lateral displacements of the boat, users can be standing and use lateral movements or trunk leaning or they can be seated using trunk leaning.


The main goal of this Exergame is to stomp on grapes, pulled from the conveyor belt into the tank

Flexion-extension arm movements (drag the grape bunches into the tanks)

Static Gait (stomping grapes process)

Aerobic training


The main goal in this Exergame is to successfully collect as much objects as possible in a pre-established time avoiding crashes with cars and pedestrians

Trunk postural training (flexion accelerate sledge and extensions to deaccelerate)

Balance (directions of sledge - optional)

Lateral gait (directions of sledge – optional)


The main objective it is avoid the ball fall for not hit the paddle dimension limits

Lateral gait (paddle side movements)

Balance (when played standing)

Upper limbs movements (control the paddle when played seated)